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My New born baby Photography not only involves capturing those fine, detailed features of a new baby, but also ensuring the baby is in a comfortable, clean environment so that the baby feels content. I love creating new scenery for each session and trying out different positions that makes each session special and unique. These sessions are priceless and certainly worth the memory :)

New Baby Photography

The ideal of these sessions is to have them done before the baby is 15 days old. This phase we can capture almost like when the baby was in the mother's belly. During this phase they are more flexible and less alert and sleep more, therefore it facilitates putting them in different positions 

whilst they are sleeping through it.

You will be provided with top, quality Props. These sessions usually takes around 2/3 hrs.

Although the baby is usually the main one being photographed, siblings and parents photos can also be done .

One more thing. if baby is more than 15 days  not to worry!we can also do a session, though keep in mind the baby at this stage tends to move around a little more and a bit less flexible and they tend to be awake for longer periods. 

with each session I will provide a set of around 20 images and depending on each any usually a set of three different settings.

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